Please see below for the list of services we offer.This list is a guide price we try to update on a regular basis but if you don’t see the service you need or your unsure this is the write price please send us a message to see if we can help.

iPhone/Android logic board Repair

Fpc/Connector repair – iPhone 5/5c/5S/SE – From £40
Fpc/Connector repair – iPhone 6/6+/6S/6S+ – From £45
Fpc/Connector repair – iPhone 7/7+/8 – From £50
No power repair – (Covers all iPhone/Android models) no power repair: £40-£140
Long screw damage – (Covers all iPhone/Android models) – £100 Per Standoff Pad
Data recovery – (Covers all iPhone/Android models) – £30-£300
Touch IC repair – iPhone 6/6+/6s/6s+ – From £50
Touch IC repair – iPhone 7/7+ – £60
No touch repair (Covers Full touch circuit) – iPhone 6S/6S+/7/7+ £50-£130
No image repair (Covers Full image circuit) – iPhone 6/6+/6S/6S+/7/7+ : £60-£130
Backlight filter repair – iPhone 5/5c/5S/SE/6/6+/6S/6S+ – £40-£100 – (Depending on Pads)
Backlight filter repair – iPhone 7/7+/8 – £50-£130 (Depending on Pads)
Backlight system repair – (Covers all iPhone/Android models) – £40-£130

iPad Repairs board repairs

Fpc/Connector repair – iPad 1/2 From £40
Fpc/Connector repair – iPad 3/4 From £45
Fpc/Connector repair – iPad mini From 1/2/3/4 £40
Fpc/Connector repair – Pad Air/Air 2 From £45
Fpc/Connector repair – Pad Pro 9.7/Pro 12.9 From £60
Sleep/wake sensor – iPad Air 2, Mini 4 – £20
Backlight filter repair – (Covers all iPad/mini/air models) £35-£100 – (Depending on Pads)
Backlight system repair – (Covers all iPad/mini/air models) £35-£150
Backlight filter repair – iPad Pro 9.7/Pro 12.9 – From £60
Backlight system repair – iPad Pro 9.7/Pro 12.9 – From £70-£200
Dock port Replacement – Covers all iPad/mini/air models – From £55
Dock port Replacement – Covers iPad Pro 9.7/Pro 12.9 models – From £65
Touch issues – Please mail for quotes – £60-£200
No Power Repair all ipads – £60-£200 (Please mail for quotes)
Water Damage all ipads – £60-£200 (Please mail for quotes)
Data recovery all ipads – £70-£200 (Please mail for quotes)

Please see our T&C before sending any repairs

Where possible please send just the logic board and any touch ID sensor (Home Button). If this is not possible and disassembling and reassembling is required please add £35 to the total bill.

Shipping – Please add £8 for return shipping

Turn around – Most standard repairs are carried out within 3-7 working days, this is applicable where there is a known fault. All other repairs can take anywhere from 3 weeks +. In most cases we can give a rough time scale so if time is a issue please contact us first.
We offer a fast track service of 1-3 days please add £50 for this service this includes next day delivery returns.

Warranty – We offer a 90 day warranty on all our repairs

No Fix – In the case your device is not repairable then there is a £30 inspection fee this includes the shipping of the goods back to you.

Water Damaged Devices – Please note We only repair logic boards that are water damaged for data recovery! we will get the board to a working state to do this but offer no warranty on returned boards. Water damaged devices may have other issues that we will not address as our only concern is to get a path to data.
Any device sent to us for a repair (not sent for data) that is water damaged or has signs of water damaged will not be worked on, if this is the case it will be returned with a £30 inspection fee.

Touch IC Repairs – Please note – if you have had prior repair work carried out on the touch circuit of any device sent to us we will charge £30 extra if not informed before.The reason for this is that prior repairs done badly can cause a host of other problems and can be costly to us when trying to chase secondary issues caused by the original attempt.

Are you a business looking for Bulk/Wholesale Prices? please get in touch and we will contact you directly we offer fasttrack and discounts on bulk orders and can set up an account for you.