LG Snapped Motherboard Repair

Yesterday a customer brought us a LG G4 with the “antenna fin” snapped off (section of board that slots into battery daughter board). At first it looked like this repair was not going to be possible due to how this section connects to the battery section and how strong the join

t would have to be to withstand repeated use.

We tried to see if you could do without this part or maybe jump to other parts of the board but this was not possible ether,  without this connection you have no service (main antenna) which is not ideal for a mobile phone (cell phone).

So next we looked at joining the pieces of pcb back together and what it would take to reestablish connection with the broken traces while making sure we isolated any broken traces that could cause issues down the line. We decided to epoxy the board and and use metal micro “splints” to give the join the strength it needed for continued use.

Before we applied the epoxy we we cut any ground back and trimmed any of the pulled traces, this part of the board only had one layer in use so was “relatively ” easy to work with. The back of the board was fairly clear so we placed the micro splints there which we made out of cut razor blades (the thinnest we could find). Once laid and the epoxy had cured this provided a really strong joint.

After the epoxy had fully cured next it was a case of finding the top tracks and laying the corresponding micro jumpers to s

uitable places on the board and sealing them with conformal coating.

We tested the joint with the connections and it fitted well without tearing the work we had done, we tried this several times untill we was satisfied it was a good enuff repair to send out.

I was sceptical this could work at first as i had concerns with the strength of the joint and how the connection would effect the jumpers and extra work we had fitted, but all in all it turned out really well and the customer    was really happy with now working reception. 

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