Flex Track/Trace Repair

This is the flex cable to a lcd of a device we couldn’t source parts for. The device was damaged by liquid causing corrosion to eat away at the tracks. The only option to save the device was to bridge the torn flex.

These tend to be fairly tricky as you normally only get one attempt at making a connection before the plastic and the trace disappear.



You can see the damage caused by the corrosion

First we start by cleaning up the damage to see what remains.


We next cut in to the protective coating revealing the fresh track/trace.

After this we carefully tin ether side with fresh solder.

We then take a small section of enamel coated wire, measure, cut and tin ether end.

With everything in place we carefully solder the wire in to place


Next we run a continuity test to check for any breaks.

once this final step is completed we clean and seal with uv conformal coating to seal the work and provide protection to the work we have carried out.

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