LG Snapped Motherboard Repair

LG Snapped Motherboard Repair

Yesterday a customer brought us a LG G4 with the “antenna fin” snapped off (section of board that slots into battery daughter board). At first it looked like this repair was not going to be possible due to how this section connects to the battery section and how strong the join t would have to be to withstand repeated use. We tried to see if you could do without this

Macbook/Laptop Water Treatment Service

If liquid has come in to contact with your device and simply drying it did not work,try our water treatment service this includes Professionally cleaning the board and finding out if there is any damage to the board that needs repairing. Quite often our cleaning process fixes most devices, but all liquid damage is different and needs to be approached on a individual basis. Contact us now if you you

Rice! Does It Fix Wet Phones?

For about the last 10 years or as long as i can remember people have been putting there devices in rice when they become liquid damaged. Maybe this is because there is a belief that rice will dry the device? we are running a small run of videos testing these myths to find out if this is true. Please see our youtube channel and like and subscribe for all the

Data Recovery, My Device Is Dead What Can I Do?

We offer a wide array of data recovery options for many different devices ranging from hard drives to iPhones. Each scenario and device is different so if you require data recovery please contact or send your device for a inspection and we will contact you A.S.A.P.

iPhone Touch Desese, What is it and why does my Phone have it?

So Called iPhone touch disease is usually caused by the board being put under stress and causing damage to the touch controller ic/solder joints or pads. This became a issue in the 6+ as the frame was so thin even having in your pocket and bending over could cause this. This trend has continued in the bigger iphones but is particularly popular in the 6+ as it seems to damage